STEP is now closing 19 January, and we’ve halved the time you have to respond!

STEP now closes on 19 January at 6pm! For as many people as possibly to get tickets, the time allowed to buy tickets through STEP has changed to 24 HOURS. Anyone in line for a STEP ticket should check their email frequently! People offered tickets on 19 January will then have 24 hours to buy them, with any unsold tickets ... Read More

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Parking onsite at the 2018 event

Parking with cars will be at your own discretion. Participants are encouraged to drop gear off at their camp, then park in the designated parking area (if practical), in order to maximise the camping areas of the main paddocks for everyone. This also applies to Theme Camps. Please drive slowly and carefully at all times Please comply with directions from ... Read More

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Tickets released into STEP!

STEP UP! Kiwiburn has released 150 tickets into STEP overnight. They are surplus Direct Distribution Tickets (DDT) allocated for Crew and Theme Camps. Keep a close eye on your email, including SPAM folders, as you only have 48 hours to purchase the tickets. Did you sign up to buy a ticket on STEP and no longer need it? Please remove ... Read More

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Drink-spiking at festivals is becoming more common so your best defense is to be aware. Observe these guidelines to help keep you and your friends safe: Keep your drink on you at all times Be wary of accepting drinks from others If you notice a strange taste in your drink or you start to feel weird, let someone know immediately. ... Read More

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